A photograph can be many things. A photo is so much more than just something nice to look at. A photo can be a captured moment in time, bringing you on a trip through the past with one single glance. Photos depict love and relationships, fun and laughter, emotion and character – all as parts of memories worth cherishing for a lifetime. Some photos are snapshots of your personality, radiating indefinitely with your ‘true colors’. A photograph is a carefully crafted work of art. It is a cultivation of technique, perception, and creative imagination. A photograph can be many things - and I have come to love each and every one.


9 years ago I got my hands on a little point-and-shoot camera and took pictures of just about everything I saw. Since then, I have found myself immersed with passion for the art of photography.


Truth be told, there are A LOT of wonderful photographers out there. Photography is an art, and it's all about style. If you like mine and you love my photos, then let's talk! I love to meet new people! As your photographer, I strive for two things: ONE, to gift you with photos that you love so much they may just bring you to tears... and TWO, to give you the greatest possible experience from the time we first connect to the moment you get your photos.


Alongside me on my shoots is my outstanding assistant and fiancée, Logan Wolcott. We love to keep a fun, casual atmosphere with our clients. We have been together for about 7 years now, and I am lucky to have someone so wonderful support me all the way. We value delivering both a memorable experience and an exceptional photo collection. We just love to serve our community doing what we love, giving others photographs to cherish for a lifetime.